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1325 Ball screw transmission 300W CO2 Laser cutting machine Venta de precios de costos
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1325 Ball screw transmission 300W CO2 Laser cutting machine

1325 Ball screw transmission 300W CO2 Laser cutting machine

Suitable for high-precision high-gloss organic material/acrylic product cutting related industries, advertising lighting industry, photo frame and other woodworking industries, architectural model industry, handicrafts, decoration industry, clothing proofing, leather industry, shoe industry, furniture industry, packaging and printing industry, Craft gift industry, etc.

Constant light path design

Always ensure optimal cutting results

Fire extinguishing system

If the material catches fire during the cutting process,

the system will automatically extinguish the fire to  

ensure safe cutting.


Front and rear partitioned smoking

+ X-axis follow-up smoking


Enables smokeless cutting while being

environmentally friendly and improving cutting quality

The cross beam adopts a double-layer structure design,

which increases the rigidity by more than 10 times,

ensuring accuracy and stability for long-term use.

High quality bed


The pipe welding design is sprayed and processed

to ensure the rigidity and timeliness of the equipment.

There is no need to worry about the cutting accuracy

being affected by the deformation of the bed.

X&Y axis ball screw transmission

with servo motor and driver system 

Integrated aluminum alloy gantry

Customized services and accessories worry-free


Independent machine shop ensures

 production quality and efficiency


Working area


Machine size



X & Y axis by ball screw transmission

Laser power

300w/450w/500w/600w CO2 laser tube

Laser cutting speed




Positioning accuracy


Working voltage


Water chiller


Minimal shaped text



Support software

Artcut, Photoshop(Conversion output)

CorelDraw,AutoCAD(Direct output)

Support file formats



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