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CNC Router with Rotary ST1325-R

CNC Router with 4 Axis Rotary, used for normal engraving and cutting work and 3D engraving.
Making cabinets requires skill, attention to detail and a lot of hard work. There are many tools available for this kind of woodworking, but none is as versatile as CNC Router. 

So, what is the best CNC router for cabinet manufacturing?
The best CNC Router For Cabinet is fast, can use many types of drills to machine fine details, and can cut in X, Y, and Z axes. Titoe, BobsCNC and Genmitsu are all leading brands of CNC routers. When choosing the right router for you, the size of your workspace is an important factor.
There is a reason why important manufacturing industries have turned to robotic automation on assembly lines. Computer-guided robotics can perform tasks faster and more accurately than the hands of any human craftsman. The same applies to CNC routers.

Machine Features: 

・Sequoyatec ST1325-R series cnc router with rotary axis, rotary installed on the side of the machine, more easy to setting and use. 
・Industrial control system , easy one button operation , high efficient. It can compatible with Type3 , Artcam , Alphacam , ARTCUT , JD Paint etc (There are 3 axis control system and 4 axis control system)      
・High hardness table with PVC engineering-plastics,(Vacuum worktable with T slot or PVC with T slot)      
・Our electric spindle adopt High-speed bearing technology , With high Rotational speed , Low noise large power , Fast response Dynamic performance and stability . To meet the high speed work .    
・Low voltage electrical components is the top brand of the international and inland,for example, ABB, Honeywell, Omron, AMC, CHNT,DELIXI.


・Wood: can process cabinet , wood door , solid wood , plate-type , windows , table , chairs , etc
・Decoration: screen,wave plate,huge-scale hanging,advertisement plates,markings making;
・Arts: can engrave on man-made stone, wood, bamboo, marble, acrylic, double-colored board beautiful drawings and letters.   
・Cylinder material, 3D material etc.    

Technical Parameters:

Model ST1325-R
Working area 1300x2500x200mm Option:1500x3000x200mm;2000x3000x200mm(Customized)
Diameter Rotary 200mm(Customized)
Spindle power 3.5kw China air cooling (Option:4.5kw,5.5kw water or air; HSD)
Drive system Stepper motor(Option: Panasonic, Yaskawa,Delta servo motor and driver)
Guide HIWIN/PMI(Taiwan)
Transmission X Y- Skew gear; Z- Ball screw; 
Control system DSP A11/B58(Option:NC studio,mach 3,etc)
Max Running speed 30000mm/min
Max working speed 15000mm/min
Working accuracy ±0.05mm
Re-positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Power supply AC380/3Ph/50HZ(220V/1Ph/50Hz)
G.W. 1300kgs±


Dust collector 

Air vacuum pump 

 Mist cooling set(For metal)


Sample show:

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