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Flatbed cutting plotter STK1825N Venta de precios de costos
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Flatbed cutting plotter STK1825N

Flatbed cutter machine STK1825N, adopts Ruida 6584G control system,greatly reduce product rate and repair rate
Welded thickness frame, more stable, more than ten years without deformation;
Ruida 6584G control system, easy to use;
Working size customized;
Servo motor and driver ensure the cutting precision;
Gear transmission + HIWIN square guide;
According to your cutting requirements to choose suitable head and knife

Without pollution

Model STK1825N
Working size 1800*2500mm
Single High speed oscillation knife tool +Red dot
Operation Properties Work with computer synchronously for quick data transmission,multi-page file in one time
Cutting Speed 300-1000mm/s(Depend on different materials)
Cutting Thickness ≤40mm
Cutting materials

All kinds of adhesive, PP synthetic paper, corrugated cardboard,

 yellow thick cardboard, red cardboard, PVC board, honeycomb board, PVC foam board, acrylic, 

KT board, aluminum composite panels, fiber in the floor and rubber plates, thick foam etc


Pen, Pneumatic Oscillating tool, high-speed water-cooled milling tool,

 CCD automatic positioning system

Fixing Method Vacuum system
Repeat Precision ≤0.05mm
Software Resolution 0.01mm
Interface Ethernet port
Format Compatible AI, Auto CAD, core draw etc
Driving System Imported servo motor, high precision linear guide, precision ball screw
Voltage AC220V/380V±10% 50HZ
Pump Power 9.0KW
Total Fixed Power 11KW
Working Environment Tmep: 0℃-35℃ Humidity: 35%-80%


All kinds of adhesive, PP synthetic paper, corrugated cardboard, yellow thick cardboard, red cardboard, PVC board, honeycomb board, PVC foam board, acrylic, KT board, aluminum composite panels, fiber in the floor and rubber plates, thick foam etc

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