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Fiber laser marking machine ST20FD-C Venta de precios de costos
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Fiber laser marking machine ST20FD-C

Fiber laser cutting machine
Machine Features: 

Closed design, fully protected ; 
Automatic focusing; 
Automatic up-down protect door; 
High speed with galvanometer;  
Low power, consumption power is less than 500w;
Completely air cooling, low energy;

Get the best gold engraving
For better aesthetic appeal and identification purposes, gold jewelry and bullion require little personalization or customization of codes, logos or name inscriptions. The inscription of these codes requires a marking method that provides high quality markings without altering the aesthetics of the gold material. Therefore, a proper understanding of Gold Laser Marking Machine and methods is required.

Laser engraving is another gold engraving process popular in industry and domestically. It is efficient, effective, accurate, and produces highly readable marks. However, unlike the dot needle engraving machine, it does not require contrast for better code readability.

Laser engraving is more popular when it comes to personalization. For example, it is ideal for engraving gold ornaments, gold bars with names, numbers, etc.

How does the Gold Laser Marking Machine work?

Laser engraving works by removing part of the gold material using a laser beam generated by a laser engraver. Therefore, this results in the engraving of codes, names, numbers, etc. on the gold material.

Laser-engraved gold markings are highly readable as no contrast is required. They are also permanent and accurate. Therefore, using a laser engraver as a gold engraver is more popular than gold bars when dealing with gold jewelry.

The ideal laser marking machine for gold engraving

There are many types of feature-based laser engravers. However, when it comes to gold carving, only fiber laser marking machines are suitable. Here's an explanation of why you should choose it.

Gold has a highly reflective surface. Therefore, laser marking machines with high energy density are required so that gold can easily absorb heat from the material. Additionally, a fiber laser machine like the one recommended above can be easily adjusted to handle extremely thin or hollow gold products.

When used, pulsed fiber lasers can concentrate high-energy laser beams and create highly complex and detailed designs. Also, it has a high degree of control. Therefore, the unmarked portion is not damaged, resulting in a piece of engraved gold jewelry or gold bar with a clean finish.

What are the advantages of using a laser engraver?

Laser engraving machine is a common gold engraving machine. Based on its following characteristics, are some advantages of using this method.

· Software inclusion

Most laser engravers have software to store the codes, numbers or letters to be marked. As a result, multiple products can be marked at the same time, increasing production efficiency.
· Accurate and easy-to-read markings

Laser engravers are popular in gold jewelry and bullion personalization and identification based on their accuracy and readability. Unlike the dot machine, the marks do not need to be compared to be seen.


Gold & silver jewellery, sanitary ware, food packing, tobacco products, medicine packing, medical apparatus and instruments, watches&glassware, auto accessories, electronic hardware
Applicable materials: gold & silver, stainless steel, ceram, plastic, glass, stone, leather, cloth, bamboo and so on
Auto accessories marking, tobacco products marking, beer bottle marking, ring marking, electronic products marking

Technical Parameters

Model ST20FD-C
working area 100x100mm/200x200mm/300x300mm
Power Raycus 20W(Option: Max, IPG)
Marking Depth ≤1.2mm
Marking speed ≤12000mm/s
Min. Line width 0.01mm
Min.Character 0.05mm
Power supply 220V/50Hz

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